Rick's Smokehouse Barbeque

September "Get Together"  Saturday, September 23rd at 5:30pm

           Rick Harding and Steve Carter

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We would like to thank Rick Harding and Steve Carter for a great evening.    They closed the restaurant for us and served up some of the best BBQ in Texas.  If you get a chance to go visit them, please do so.  

Rick's Smokehouse BBQ
1417 South Jupiter Road (Just off Miller on Jupiter)
Garland, TX  

In attendance were the following:

Gary Duncan and wife

John Pace and wife
Diane Cole Johnson and husband
Bill Britton
Bob Joyce
Ken Nutt and wife
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Janet Taylor Fain 
Gary Wright
Stephanie Stanley
Tim Slayton, wife, two sons and daughter
Tony Martella and son
Sandy Jorgenson Ezell
Beverly Sellers and husband
and, of course, Rick Harding and Steve Carter-Thanks guys!