The Rat Pack

Several of us got together in January for dinner at Campisi's.  You remember Campisi's from high school, right?  We had reservation's and they put us at Table 51 (Area 51?  do-do-do-do).  Above the table is a picture of none other than, The Rat Pack.  So, this once a month dinner group has been so named....The Rat Pack.  Here are some pictures of our January dinner.  We also got together on February 10th, same table, now "our table".  Anyone that would like to be put on the Rat Pack email list for these dinners, please email me.

Stephanie Stanley, Bill Britton, Milton South, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, Tim Slayton, Kathy Jackson, Jimmy Pharr




We added a few members to our February dinner, Caroline Rigdon, Janet Taylor Fain and Gary Wright.  See Rat Pack Dinner February for pictures.

March's dinner included the following:  Tim and Laurie Slayton, Jimmy Pharr, Gary Wright,  Dianne Cole Johnson and her husband, Janet Taylor Fain, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell,  Sandy Jorgenson Ezell, and Dale Ball and Barbara Miller.

April's dinner included the following:  Beverly Ashley Davis, Bill and Caroline Britton, Dale Ball, Barbara Miller, Gary Wright, Janet Taylor Fain, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, Stephanie Stanley, Jimmy Pharr, Julie Kirk Bair, Jerry Bair, Julie's sister, Jenny, Kathy Jackson Millsap, Mary Pipes Bills, Rick Young, Sandi Jorgenson Ezell.

May's dinner included the following:  Stephanie Stanley, Tim and Laurie Slayton, Gary Duncan and Cynthia Duncan, Sylvia Gibson McFalls and husband,  Kay Rusk Barnett and husband, Bill Britton, Beverly Ashley Davis, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, and Jimmy Pharr

June's dinner was cancelled.

July's dinner included the following:  Tim and Laurie Slayton, Stephanie Stanley, Sandi Jorgenson Ezell, Gary Wright, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, Jerelyn Arbuckle, Janet Taylor Fain, Milton South, and Beverly Ashley Davis.

August's dinner included the following:  Scott Phares, Beverly Davis, Bill Britton, Caroline Rigdon Britton,  Mary Pipes Bills, Kathy Jackson Millsap, Jimmy Pharr, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, Christine Suggs, Stephanie Stanley, Tim and Laurie Slayton and Phil Campbell.

September's dinner-see Jimmy Pharr's Clubhouse

The Rat Pack suite in Palm Springs, Calif Orbit.  It shows how designers have brought new life and style to a 44 year old motel.