October Rat Pack Dinner at Tillman's Restaurant and Club

We decided to return to home base for October's Rat Pack Dinner, choosing Sara Tillman's fantastic restaurant in the newly restored Bishop Arts District.  The food was fabulous and the company, even better.

Ok Bill, I promise, I am going to learn how to use this digital camera if it kills me!  He said turn the flash on and I didn't, so I should have listened to Bill!!  Waaaaaaaaaa!

Those in attendance:

Jan Browning and friend, Roderick
Bill and Corinne Bryan
Bill and Caroline Britton and Caroline's daughter, Scarlett  and friends.
Janet and Bubba Fain
Diane Kyle (she was 3 years behind us) and can be identified by her tongue.  There is always one in the bunch!
Beverly Ashley Davis and her daughter, Amy and Rob (it was Rob's birthday)
Paula Machen Hartsell
Scott Phares
Stephanie Stanley
Tim Slayton
and me, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell

We will probably have our November RP dinner here again and then move around town some.  It seems that when we move around, we get more new faces and we need new faces!!!  We love new faces!!!  We want new faces!!!  So, don't anyone think for a minute that this is a private thing for just a few of us regulars that happen to drag our arse's to it every month, cause it's not!  Ya'll come!!!


Beverly Ashley Davis, Diane Kyle (the tongue) and Scott Phares Amy, Beverly's daughter and her boyfriend, Rob Bill and Corinne Bryan Bubba and Janet Fain The TongueDiane Kyle and Janet Taylor Fain Jan Browning, Roderick, and Caroline Rigdon Britton Paula Machen Hartsell and Stephanie Stanley Scott, Beverly and Bill Tim Slayton and Corinne BryanBill, Caroline's daughter, Scarlett, Caroline and Corinne

Gayla in her office doing the webpages

This camera really does take a normal picture!
Sit Ubu, Sit!