November Rat Pack Dinner at Tillman's Restaurant and Club

Those in attendance from left around the table:

Stephanie Stanley
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Beverly Ashley Davis
Pam Studebaker Nunn
Sandra Rae and friend
Cynthia Duncan
Gary Duncan
Gary Willis
Janet Taylor Fain
and Sandi Jorgenson Ezell (not shown)

Another great get together!!!  And more new faces!!!  After Tillman's closed, we went to the Lakewood Bar and Grill and listened to the Blue Light District Band, a great 9 piece band with horns.  They played lots of 60's and 70's music.  We ran into another classmate, Jim Fulcher, who just happened to be there!  They ran us all out at 2:15 am.

Gary Willis (what a hoot he is!) and Janet Taylor Fain

Janet Taylor Fain,

Saturday night at Tillman's in Oak Cliff with the group was a true
delight. As one of the new faces present I was simply swallowed up in
the camaraderie and the immediate, unconditional acceptance and
inclusion in the group by newcomers and regulars both. Amazing to
experience. I wonder if many in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who don't
ever come stay away because they think Rat Packers are a clique, and
exclusionary. If so, so sad for them, their fear keeps them at home and
away from a place of belonging. It seems that in our days at Kimball we
all tried so hard to belong to some group. And the groups were nigh
countless ranging from sport teams, drill teams, bands, choirs, clubs,
to the loosely defined group of hall-walkers who just seemed to never be
in class. Always in the hall. With a hall pass! Now at midlife we are
wise enough to know we don't need to be split-up into exclusionary bands
of like-kindness. We accept, even expect diversity, and we celebrate
and enjoy it. Our common heritage at Kimball all those years ago is
enough, more than enough to make us when together brothers and sisters,
friends and family. But then you Janet are a regular and I suppose I am
preaching to the choir. So post this one over on the Comments on the
Kimball70 web page if you like.

I will most certainly be back for another Rat Pack Saturday night.
Save me a chair. I will show up again despite the roundtrip car trip
from here of some 660 miles. If the next one is as delightful an
evening as this last one, my first, I will just have to become a regular
myself. And think nothing of the long car trip once each month. What
are a few gallons of gas to stand in the way of seeing friends?

Gary Willis
Midland, TX

Beverly Ashley Davis and Pam Studebaker Nunn Stephanie Stanley