This is a Classmates Business Services section.  Many of you may have a business that you would like to include here that can be used by those of us that may need the services.  If you have a website that you would like linked to that business or you just want to list your name and phone number and tell me what that service is, please click here and fill out the form.  Many of us would rather deal with someone we know, rather then to get a number out of the yellow pages.

Business Services

Oak Cliff Links

The Advocate (formerly known as The Cliff Dweller

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League
Friends of Oak Cliff Parks
Bishop Arts District


Other Kimball Class Websites

Class of 1971
Class of 1969
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Class of 1966
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Justin F. Kimball Alumni Association  This is the website for all alumni.  Be sure and register at this website.






If you would like your site linked to this site, please email the information to Gayla Mitchell.  See Contact List.