Jefferson Davis Elementary School


BlueBirds of Jeff Davis

Well, while we were cleaning out some cabinets, I found my old bluebird book from good old Jefferson Davis days.  Inside was a photo taken at Volks (remember that place) in Wynnewood Christmas of 1959, I think.  We would have been 2nd graders at that time.  Anyway, it is absolutely hilarious!   Unfortunately, I didn't write down everyone's name and a couple of people, I don't recall.
Back row from left to right:  Karla Hood, Cynthia Mills, Debby Dunn, Alice Allen, Jane Anne Pratt, unknown
Front row from left to right: Jill Wortham, Unknown, Carol Ann Burton
You may want to post this on the elementary part of the website.  It is a hoot!
Karla Finta


I was looking at the elementary part of it and thought you might want to include good old Jefferson Davis elementary.  A whole bunch of us went there and I found and old photo (taken in the 1958 school year, we were all 1st graders!).  I actually wrote everyone's name on the back and I will list the ones that I know went to Kimball. I think the rest of these kids went on to Adamson and Sunset because I lost touch with them too.  Karla Finta Hood

First row  (2nd from left is Susan Cockerill & 3rd from left is Don Fabian)
Second row (first person on left is Mike Crutcher, 4th person is Karla Hood, 5th is Damon Seale, 6th is Brenda Peavy)
Top row  (first person on left is Linda Goode, 3rd is Bob Siedell, 5th is Sara Sampsell and last person on right is Betty Warner)