Scott Phares and The Handsomes
The Handsomes

For those of you that didn't make this, all I can say missed a great time!  Scott's band, The Handsomes, get together every summer for a reunion and this was their 16th. They played at Blue Cat Blues in Deep Ellum.  Scott, Mike McCullough and Shawn Phares, along with three other band members played to a near full house and they really tore the house down.  This was one of life's special moments seeing this great band and our former classmates play in one of the tightest bands I have seen in a long time.  If you missed it this year, you should not miss it next year.  Scott, don't forget to tell us when you are going to play again.

Those in attendance were:

Beverly Ashley Davis
Gary Duncan, his wife Cindy and his daughter Kelly (it was Gary's birthday!)
Stephanie Stanley
Tim Slayton
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Susan Monzingo Marcontell (her son's band was playing down the street)
Harry Harper (see email below)

I had a great time last night. What everyone I met didn't know was Scott and I grew up together in JR HIGH at Greiner, and I hadn't seen Scott since 1966, so your Web Site is great. I happened to be looking at it for old friends I knew and I saw Scott's email address and the rest is history, your web site reunited my ole buddy friendship. You see I went to Sunset when we left Greiner and then on to San Marcos Military Academy for the duration of my high school years , however I had attended Browne for a short while and knew a few of the kids from there. I also had dated Julie Kirks younger sister, Jenni. I'm not sure who if any of your class would remember me but back in those days I went by my first name ," Harry", so most everyone, if any, would know me by Harry Harper instead of the Lee I go by now. I graduated a year earlier 1969. Well just wanted to throw out that little bit of info , just in case you wanted to add it to your web site. You never know who might be checking it and your site is really one of the best ones I have seen , although Sunsets isn't bad, but it doesn't have nearly the number of email addresses as yours.

Thanks again,, and list me as showing up last night, someone might just say," there he is, I was wondering if he had died or something"!!

Lee Harper
401K-Enrollment Coordinator
Dallas GFO
Ph# 972-789-1923//800-749-2234//Fax 972-789-1907


Cindy and Gary  The Kimball Gang Gayla and Beverly Got Your Eyes On?  Tim,Gayla,Bev,Scott,Cindy Mike McCullough

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Mike and Scott Scott Scott and Shawn Stephanie Scott and Gary Tim and Gayla