Gayla, Mary, Stephanie outside the Gypsy Tea Room

WED OCT 3 2001 * 8:00PM

It was nice to see Jimmie perform again after all these years.  I had not seen him play live since his days on Greenville with the Fabulous Thunderbirds at Nick's?  Rick's?  What was the name of that place?  His music has gotten better, tighter.  He still has the same facial expressions only he smiles much more then he used to smile.  His band consisted on a keyboard player, drummer, bass guitar player, two great male backup singers, as well as himself on guitar and vocals.  Surprise guest was Lou Ann Barton, who used to sing with him a lot down in Austin.  This was a CD Release Party, only somebody goofed, because they had no CD's on hand.  It was also Stevie Ray Vaughan's birthday.  He did an autograph signing afterwards at The Green Room.  Some great R&B!!!

Those people in attendance from Kimball were:

Stephanie Stanley
Tim Slayton
Mary Pipes Bills
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Bobby Wingate
Phil Campbell

We really wish more of you would get out and join us at these Get Togethers!!!  They are really a lot of fun!

Jimmie Vaughan at the Hard Rock some years back.  Jimmie Vaughan at the Hard Rock some years back. Jimmie Vaughan at the Hard Rock some years back. 

Jimmie Vaughan and Ronnie Sterling a long time ago. Ronnie's dad, Martha Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan and Ronnie's son, Josh.
Pictures courtesy of Stephanie Stanley