Welcome Graduates:

Daniel Webster Elementary

Dallas, Texas

Class of 1965


Can you believe it has been 50 YEARS since we graduated? Remember all the fun times at DW? Good old Mr. Billy "Bear" Sullivan with morning announcements starting with the Pledge of Allegiance? Miss Merwin and her "Renault Dauphine" moved up on the school steps? Mr. Quinn and his science field trips? Mrs. Shields giving up and just letting all the boys not sing since they wouldn't sing anyway? Going to the opera to see Carmen, and to hear the Dallas Symphony and to the ballet, and seeing A Midsummer's Night Dream down on Jefferson Ave.? Playing the autoharp, castanets and a whole box of fun instruments as we sang funky songs? The words "fink" and "ratfink" and reading Mad Magazine? Ducking the flying trash can launched by Mrs. Clough when she went off the deep end? Sending messages back and forth in Clough's class using a little rubber tire across the room right under her nose? The annual Christmas Pagent and the talent shows? Duck and cover drills in the hallways (SHHH! NO TALKING!!)? Cafeteria hmburgers with a strange green meat mush in the middle? Not having a school song, and just singing the words "Daniel Webster" over and over to the tune of the Hallelujah Chorus? Little Mrs. Pair with SweeTarts in her hair? And all the other fun faculty and staff right down to Mr. Ballew? Remember all the great times we had, and all the great friendships we made? But most of all, remember putting the "Battle Cry" together with "Miss Merwina" in 7th grade, or at least reading your last copy of it? Well, you can relive one memory: the very last "Battle Cry" before we said our goodbyes. If this doesn't bring back many of those great memories, you must not have been there!

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Webpages coded and "Battle Cry" pages converted by "Roy" Neil Ferguson computers@acm.org. This was my personal copy, tucked away in the same folder for 35 years. I still remember doing this front cover with Mark Johnson, trying to imitate the lettering at the top of a Mad Magazine, running around taking Poloroid pictures all over school every time we did a Battle Cry, and wonderful Miss Merwin - a true original.