Sandy Dantzler and Elaine Harwell

Guess who came to visit me last week?

Elaine Harwell Ė we had the most wonderful 5 hour reunion.  She was in town on business and had a lay over before going on to Dallas to see her mom.  You may not remember, but Elaine and I were best friends all through HS.  We did everything together.  We rode to school together (she had an EDSEL) or walked home together (we lived very close to each other too) Our dads passed away within one day of each other and we had some traumatic stuff to deal with Ė one month before graduation.  We hadnít seen each other in 28 years.  We lost track of each other when she married Randy Larr (he was in the Class of 71) and moved to Europe.  She isnít married to Randy any more, but has a great life with another (retired) air force pilot.  He works now for Boeing as an Engineer.  It was so great to see her.  We have decided that we are going to try and get together for a weekend sometime this summer when we can find a cheap flight.

Hereís a picture my hubby took of us at our house. She looks great!  And HAPPY EASTER!