The 50th Birthday Bash
July 6th, 2002

Thanks to everyone that came to our birthday party.  We had a great time!

Rick Harding, Steve Carter, Crutcher and Welch at pre BB get together.

Beverly Davis, Mark Harrison, Debbie Bean Bubba Fain and Janet Taylor Fain Cyndi Duncan, Caroline Rigdon Britton and Gary Duncan Dallas Mouser Dallas Mouser, Karla Hood Finta, Janet Taylor Fain Dancing debbiesam.jpg (47161 bytes) Denise Thomas Watson, Caroline Rigdon Britton, Jerre Baker Don Pardue John Olmstead, Jeff Olmstead, Jerry Babb, Jim Fulcher Donna Bee, Gary Wright, Dennis Bee Elaine Harwell, Rolinda Elkington, Karla Hood Finton, Sandy Dantzler Group Janet Taylor and Gayla Goolsby Mitchell Jesse Hastecoat and Tina Ray Jill Wortham Fabian, Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, Bill Britton, Caroline Rigdon Britton Jim Pharr and Gary Wright John Ott and Spike Harlan Kandy Oliphant, Mike Taylor, Kay Oliphant Karla Hood, Don Fabian, Mike Crutcher Kathy Jackson and Elissa Martella Gay Kathy Jackson and Phil Campbell Kathy Jackson and Stephanie Stanley Mark Harrison and Beverly Ashley Davis Tim and Mary Pipes Bills Melissa Trosper, Jerre Baker and Debbi Bean Mark Thompson, Susan Price Thompson, Kathy Harding Crutcher and Mike Crutcher Stephanie Russell Curry, Elaine Harwell, Sandy Dantzler, Greg Geary, Kandy Oliphant Tom Harmon and Marc Welch The Patio Steve Reynolds and Nancy Fitts Reynolds Group group group group Crutcher and Kathy Don Fabian, Karla and Crutcher Julie Kirk, Marc Welch, Kay, Crutch, Kandy Kay and Marc Marc, Julie, Crutch Sandy, Greg Geary and Kay  Susan Price, Crutch, Barbara Rollings Susan, Kathy, Crutch, Barbara, and Jill The Twins and Crutch      

  Greg and Kandy

 The Johnny Peebles Band

Johnny Peebles Ronnie Sterling Ronnie Bramhall   The Band  Andy Miller sat in a couple of songs Tommy Cloud

Those in Attendance:

Barbara Rollings Harlan
Spike Harlan
Sandi Jorgenson Ezell
Melissa Trosper McGonigal and husband (Dale)
Mark Harrison
Mary Pipes Bills and Tim
Dallas Mouser
Bill Bryan and wife (Corinne)
Elaine Harwell Mandros
Elissa Martella Gay
Jim Fulcher
Debbie Bean Thomas
Gary Willis
Susan Benz Ballard and husband (Mike)
Sammy Marshall and wife (Deborah)
Tony Martella
Jerre Baker Dowdy
Jeff Olmsted
Johnny Olmsted (Kimball 1969)
Gary Wright
Cathy Lichtenwalter Luter
Ron Sills and wife (Kimball 1960)
Jerry Babb (Kimball 1966)
Tim Slayton
Kay Oliphant
Kandace Oliphant Ternasky
Jessie Hastcoat and wife
Beverly Green Harrington (Atwell/Carter 1970)
Joe Green (Atwell/Carter 1969)
Carolyn Hill Johnson and husband (Atwell/Carter 1970)
Nic Peters (Kimball 1966)
Sam Taylor (Kimball 1966)
Susan Price Thompson and husband (Mark)
Marc Welch
Mike Taylor and wife (Lisa)
Marcia Mathes Felts
Stephanie Stanley
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Janet Taylor Fain and husband (Bubba)
Beverly Ashley Davis
Rolinda Elkington
Jim Pharr and Judy
Jill Wortham Fabian
Don Fabian
Paula Machen Hartsell
Sandy Dantzler Anderson
Nancy Fitts Reynolds (Kimball 1969)
Steve Reynolds
Karla Hood Finta
Don Pardue
James Davis
Bill Britton
Caroline Rigdon Britton
Russ Curry
Mike Crutcher and wife, Kathy (Kimball 1969)
Greg Geary
Denise Thomas Watson
Charles (Dennis) and Donna Bee
Gary Duncan and wife (Cynthia)
Tom Harman and wife
Sandra Oakley Sullivan and husband
Julie Kirk Bair
Kathy Jackson Millsap
Andy Miller
the band......
Johnny Peebles
Phil Campbell
Ronnie Sterling
Ronnie Bramhall
Tommy Cloud

Thanks to the following people for all their hard work and dedication in bringing our fellow classmates back together again:

Janet Taylor Fain, Chairwoman, Database Administration, Decorations
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell, Asst. Chair, Planning, and Webmistress
Don Pardue, Treasurer
Stephanie Stanley, Invitations and Cake
Beverly Ashley Davis, Planning, Balloons, and Database Administration
Kathy Jackson Millsap, Decorations and Party Favors
Melissa Trosper McGonigal, Name tags
Mary Pipes Bills, Name tags
Bill Britton, Location