Rat Pack at Pat's Yesterday Cafe

Pat McRoberts
Pat's Yesterday's Cafe
601 Cedar Street
Cedar Hill, TX  75104
Phone : 972-291-6161
FAX : 972-291-6160

What a very cool place!!!  If you get a chance, you must go eat at Pat's!

The atmosphere, the service and the food is outstanding!!

And best of all, you get to see Pat.  Thanks Pat!!!!

Pat McRoberts
Bevery Ashley Davis
Gary and Cynthia Duncan
Janet Taylor Fain
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Tim Slayton
Gary Willis
Bill Britton

Gayla, Beverly,Tim, Pat, Gary Duncan, Gary Willis, Cynthia Duncan, Bill Britton, Janet Bill and Gary

Bev and Tim Janet and Gayla

Gary, Pat, Gayla, Bev and Tim

Cynthia needs tea