Oak Cliff Reunion 2002


A few months back when the Reunion was just into the planning stages, Christian Brooks and I talked on the phone one day about his hopes for this great Oak Cliff reunion he had planned on November 16th at Cutter's.  We talked about the good old days and some of the other reunions that Christian had pulled together in the past.  After a twelve year absence, Christian has vowed to start them up again every year.

So how do you feel about growing up in Oak Cliff?  It's really hard to put it into words isn't it?  It is just this feeling that was too special for words.  Like Christian said....."well you know what it was" and yes, I certainly do.  It is what makes getting together with people from Oak Cliff so heartfelt today.  We don't have to say a word.........we just know.

One of the greatest things for me, was the all the music.  We were always going to hear this band play or that band play........going to concerts....going to the Texas International Pop Festival.  A VERY BIG PART of it was about music.  It still is........... even as we are getting older.

This reunion was great.  Next year will be even better.  And they will keep getting better and better. There were people from Carter, Sunset, Kimball and Adamson there. Everyone had a large and foolish time.  All I can say is........"YOU SHOULD'A BEEN THERE!"

Jim Hunton Band   Beverly Ashley
                                                 Jim Hunton Band

  Christian Brooks Band The Christian Brooks Band
                                                                             Christian Brooks Band

Gary Duncan Jimmy Pharr and Gayla

 Jonny Peebles Jonny Peebles Band    
                             Jonny Peebles Band

 Mike McCollough Band
                                                                                                      Mike McCullough Band

Our Waitress   Stephanie and Bubba Fain

Press Release

C'ya Next Year!