As per soon as the weather gets a little better, I would like to have another party..... A DO OVER PARTY.  We could all get together and help drink some of the booze that was left over from the New Year's Party.  Maybe everyone could bring their favorite dish.  I want the weather to be nice, so everyone can enjoy the back patio and yard.  Stay tuned for a future date to be announced.

Pictures-Click on each one to make it bigger

1.  Beverly Ashley and Julie Kirk  2.  Elissa Martella  3.  From Top to Bottom left to right:  Beverly Ashley, Mary Pipes, Julie Kirk, Jim Pharr, Janet Taylor, Gary Wright, Tim Slayton, Stephanie Stanley, Susan Price-Thompson, Larry Thompson, Herb Burton, Gayla Goolsby  4.  Stephanie Stanley, Jim Fulcher, Gary Wright, Elissa Martella, Joan Rudd, Julie Kirk, Mary Pipes, Jim Pharr, Beverly Ashley, Tim Slayton, Gayla Goolsby, Janet Taylor  5.  Parts of previous group.  6. Same as group 4, gabbing and drinking 


7. Same group as picture three  8.  Herb and Gayla  9. Mary, Joan, and Jim  10.  Steph  11.  Steph's House

10.  Bartender  11.  Steph and Nikki  12. The Food  13.  Elissa and Claire clean up the next morning 14. Steph's backyard and the snow.

15.  The other bartender *WAZZZZUPPP!*  16.  Liz  17 & 18.  Sharon  19.  Steph

The party was great!!!  

We just don't seem to have any luck when it comes to the weather cooperating with our "Get Together" plans.....   A few inches of snow and black ice on the streets kept most of our gang away from Stephanie's New Year's bash.  Actually, just the walk up the steps of her house was one of the most dangerous areas we came across!    Luckily, Stephanie had also invited a lot of other people so we had a pretty big crowd after all.  There was sooo much good food.....ham,  beef tenderloin, shrimp, cheeses, caviar topped sour cream potatoes, pasta, etc., etc......... and lots to drink....just about anything you could think of.  She had hired a couple of guys to handle the parking, a couple of bartenders and a "waitress" to handle trays of appetizers.  Her house is so great.  We all took the tour....from the basement to the attic....all restored and decorated by Stephanie & Co.  You would have been so impressed.  She has done a fabulous job.  For those of you that were unable to attend, you missed a great party!

We took several pictures, so as soon as they are developed, we'll add them to the website.
In the meantime, we'll put our "thinking caps" on and think of something else for our little group to do in the next 2-3 months or so.  If you have any ideas, let us know.
~ Janet & Gayla

The following people attended the New Year's Party:

Julie Kirk Bair and Jerry Bair
Mary Pipes
Susan and Larry Price Thompson
Tim and Laurie Slayton
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell and Herb Burton
Janet and Bubba Fain
Beverly Ashley Davis
Jim Pharr
Joan Rudd Nabors and David Nabors
Elissa Martella Gay
Jim Fulcher and Nicci Paetz
Gary Wright
Doris Benz Cunningham and Dan Cunningham
Stephanie Stanley and many friends
Sharon Stanley and many friends
Mabel Stanley and many friends
Claire Stanley and many friends

December 31th, 2000 at 8:00pm until...........

Stephanie Stanley has invited us all out to her home for a New Year's Eve Party.  
She lives in Dallas off Gaston Ave.,  in a wonderful old house, that has been restored by 
Stephanie and Company.  
There will be plenty of food, drinks (spirits, and champagne at midnight) and just plain fun!
Valet Parking will be provided.
Bartender on duty.
Dress is Xmas Casual.  Wear some sparkles on your face, a clown nose, shoes on your feet........bells on your toes.  
Drag that body away from home and come spend New Year's with some old friends!
If you know anybody that is not on email, please let them know about the party.  If you would like to invite someone from the Class of 1969 or the Class of 71, please do so!