Michael Lloyd Andrew
Born November 23, 1952
He passed away on May 26,2010

He is remembered by his friend, Sam Roberts:

Mike Andrew and me at Lee Park in Dallas-Summer of 1970. Picture just sent to me by old Kimball H.S. friend, Jan Harris. ( Mike is on the left and that's me on the right). Found out Mike died last March. We had just gotten our old band together (Majic) a few weeks before for a reunion. It was just like old times, with Mike telling me to play the drums louder and just "cut loose!" He was one of the best keyboard players I have ever heard, and I felt fortunate that I could play along with someone of his talent. Always thought that I'd seen him again. 

Inagodadavida Baby!

Forever in Awe of You,
Your friend, Sam
Mike on the left and Sam on the right in Lee Park, circa 1970