Since I was moving, I came across this picture that I hope you will put on the Stemmons page, as all of us who went to Stemmons had Mr. Thompkins and we adored him.  Greatest teacher any of us ever had.  A bunch of us even went back to see him when we graduated from Kimball and him sign our H.S. diplomas as he was the spark that got us all the way through high school.


Leslie A. Stemmons Elementary 

This photo was taken at our 6th grade Tacky Skating Party.

 Guess who is front and center?  Yes it's Glen Sanders, on the left is Sharon Willingham and I'm (Debbi Bean Thomas) behind him with the coke bottle stuck to my mouth!!  By the way, do you remember punching a hole in a coke/soda bottle cap and then sucking the drink out of the hole?  Why did we do that?
  It just came to mind!