October Rat Pack

Sorry guys, I did not take my camera!!!  That is unfortunate because, we had a very unusual Rat Pack dinner.

The following people attended:

Jeff Parr, his wife and daughter came all the way from California.  It was great to see him again.  He looks great!
Beverly Davis
Sandi Ezell
Gary Willis
Mark Harrison
Julie Kirk
Stephanie Stanley
Gayla Mitchell

Mr. Willis recently went to Scotland where he was fitted for an entire outfit in the Scotsman tradition......  His attendance at this month's Rat Pack was in his kilt.  Let me tell you, he looked very distinquished in his regalia.

Since it was Stephanie's birthday the following Monday, we celebrated her birthday in the traditional Joe's Crab Shack manner.  A fitting crown was made of balloons for her head.  Later, she was made to dress in biker attire and get up in front of the entire restaurant and dance to YMCA.

Our next Rat Pack dinner will probably be in December or January.

November is the Oak Cliff Reunion.  Be sure and do not miss that!!

December is a busy time, so we may have a New Year's event.  Stay tuned for more details.