June Rat Pack Dinner

June 10, 2010

6:00 to 9:00 pm

We joined the Oak Cliff Boomers for BURGER BASH

Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

4530 Lovers Lane
(At Tollway)

Oak Cliff Boomers

There were ALOT of people there.  Probably around 75 or more.

Here are the ones that attended from the Rat Pack:

Pam Studebaker Nunn
Denise Thomas Watson
Nick Duren and Beverly Ashley Davis
Vickey and Mark Canada
Karla Hood Finta
Julie Kirk Bair
Jim Fulcher
Arthur and Cathy Cramer Henderson
Janet Taylor Fain
Sandi Ezell
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell
Karen Harris Caton
Dennis, Donna and Glen Bee
Gary and Cynthia Duncan
Michael and Denise Hyde
Caryn Lawson Jackson
Bill and Corinne Bryan

Pardon me if I forgot anyone, as this thing was so crowded.........was great fun!!!

Pam Studebaker Nunn, Denise Thomas WatsonNick and BevVickey and Mark CanadaKarla Hood FintaJulie Kirk Bair and Harmon RobinsonJulieJim FulcherJim and ArthurJanet Taylor Fain, Jim and Sandi EzellJanetGayla and KarenDennis, Donna and Glen BeeCynthia Duncan, Danny Smith, Jim Fulcher, Karen Caton, and Denise HydeCathy, Caryn, Janet, DeniseCaryn and DeniseBill and Corinne BryanArthur and Jim :)  Nuts!!