July 16, 2005 Rat Pack Dinner

Tillman's Corner in Bishop Arts District

Those in attendance:

Tim Slayton 70
Hurley Butcher 69
Karla Hood Finta 70
Cathy Cramer Henderson 70 and Arthur Henderson 71
Nick Duren and Beverly Ashley Davis 70
Donna and Dennis Bee 70
Ronny Paulk 74
Marc Welch 70
Bill Britton 70
Karen Harris Caton 71
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell 70
Gary Wright 70
LT and Jim Pharr 70
Cynthia and Gary Duncan 70
Surprise Guests:  Harry Singleton 69, Don Harris 71, and Pam Studebaker 70
Owner: Sara Wyrick Tillman 72

We would like to thank Sara and Ronny for coming to our rescue when Grill 400 did not want to accommodate all of us.  The food, service and atmosphere were excellent!!