New Year's Rat Pack

January 2, 2010

7:30 pm


Those in attendance:

Jim Pharr (70)
Carol Flannery (69)
Arthur (71) and Cathy Cramer (70) Henderson
Karen Harris Caton (71)
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell (70)
Bill Britton (70)
Wes and Ruth Ann Bates Johnson (70)
Bubba and Janet Taylor Fain (70)
Jim Fulcher (70)
Mark and Vickey Canada (71)
Tim and Mary Pipes Adams (70)
Nick Duren and Beverly Ashley Davis (70)
Sandi Ezell (70) and granddaughter.

Janet (Taylor) and Bubba Fain

Sandi Ezell and granddaughterTim and Mary (Pipes) Adams, Nick Duren, Bev (Ashley) Davis and Sandi EzellKaren (Harris) Caton and Jim FulcherJim PharrJanet (Taylor) Fain, Ruth Ann (Bates) and Wes Johnson, Gayla (Goolsby) Mitchell and Bubba FainCathy (Cramer) and Author Henderson, Karen (Harris) CatonCarol Flannery, Cathy Cramer, Arthur HendersonNick Duren and Bev Ashley DavisBill BrittonVickey and Mark Canada and Karen Harris Caton